Frequently asked questions ?

Q1:-What is IPS.

ANS:- IPS is an electronic device, which will reduce your electricity bill & save you money. All electrical appliances efficiency reduces with time and than it consumes more power without being realized & result to higher electricity bill.
IPS uses state of the art electrical technology to actively monitor & improve the power factor of household appliances. In addition, the intelligent technology optimizes the voltage's current demands thus reducing the total current drawn from the main source. It also acts as a voltage stabilizers & therefore supplies load with proper voltage during momentary power surges.

Q2:- Will the Ideal PS unit definitely reduce my electricity bill.

ANS:- The IPS unit will definitely reduce your electricity bill.Based on customer feed back & extensive tests, savings b/w 10%-35% have been recorded under normal conditions. The percentage of saving depends upon the type of inductive load & the duration of consumption.

Q3:- How Do I Install the Ideal PS unit.

ANS:- The installation of IPS is very easy for it to work optimally, it should be Installed next to the main circuit breaker (MCB), which is the point of entry of the entire electric supply.

Q4:- Is It Legal.

ANS:- It is 100% legal, as there is no intervention with the meter reading. It is tried, tested & proved by---------------

Q5:- Does the Ideal PS require any maintenance.

ANS:- Ideal PS is easy to use & does not require any maintenance like any other electronic devices.

Q6:- What is the Lifespan of Ideal PS.

ANS:- Generally, the life of IPS is 6-8 yrs. On continuous usage.

Q7:- Do I Need to make any changes to the ELECTRICAL WIRING.

ANS:- No, The present electrical wiring is not to be Tangled at all

Q8:- If I plug in more than One IPS , will I save more.

ANS:- One IPS is sufficient for a single phase any additional unit in the same phase will not increase the saving. For 3 phase, three separate units are required for each phase.

Q9:- How long will it take to recover the cost of Buying a IPS unit.

ANS:- The investment on IPS can easily be recovered in 4-5 months, therefore allowing you to enjoy additional savings for years to come.

Q10:- Is. There any Warranty.

ANS:- Ideal Power Saver comes with a 24 month exchange warranty against any manufacturing & material defects.

Q11:- Is the IPS safe to Use.

ANS:- IPS has paased many tests & verification at various certification levels & is proved to have the highest possible manufacturing standards, engineering savings up to 10% or more on electrical power usage.

Q 13:- Do I leave the IPS switched on continuosly.

ANS:-Yes, the IPS should be left switched on continuosly to achieve maximum savings.

Q14:- Is the IPS environment friendly.

ANS:-Yes, the IPS helps improve the environment by minimizing the amount of reactive power which other wise is wasted in distribution networks, cables & your appliances in the form heat.

Q15:- Is it useful for all household appliances.

ANS:- IPS is useful for all house hold appliances on inductive load like TV, Fridge, AC, computer, Washing machine, Water pump, Tubelight, Fan etc. It will not work for purely resistor appliances like Geyser, Heater, Press, Toaster, Microwave, bulbs etc.

Q16:- What is the maximum load it can take.

ANS:- It can take up to 15 KW (15000W) of load. Hence it is suitable for homes, schools, offices, shops, restaurants& small factories.